Spa Treatments

If you’re in need of deep relaxation, stress relief or just want to be pampered, one of our Green Ayurveda Spa is for you. With destinations ranging from Morocco and Italy to Thailand and India, you’ll be able to fully detach yourself from the stresses and strains of daily life and unwind in stunning natural surroundings.

Each of our spa getaways has a range of indulgent massage body treatments and therapies to ease tension in your muscles and promote health, but sometimes their names can be a little mindboggling. Here is our helpful guide to what each spa treatment entails, so you can decide which ones to enjoy on a relaxing healthy holiday.

Acupressure Massage

If you’re looking to de-stress and relieve pain, this type of therapy could be the one for you. It involves placing pressure on certain points of the body, similar to the points used in acupuncture. The therapist will apply gentle but firm pressure on areas of your body with their fingertips to encourage energy to flow and to aid healing. An acupressure massage is said to be fantastic at relaxing the mind and body, improving your circulation, relieving any aches and pains, encouraging the healing of injuries and generally enhancing your well-being.


Abdominal Massage

An abdominal massage involves applying pressure to the stomach and pelvic area. For women, it is used predominantly to treat a displaced uterus but also infertility, painful or irregular periods, hormonal imbalances, bladder problems, constipation and ovary issues. It can also be beneficial for men who suffer digestive upsets, bladder issues and pain in the pelvic region whilst recovering on a healing spa holiday.


Thai Massage

One of the more popular types of massage therapy, a Thai massage involves a combination of acupressure, body rocking and assisted stretching. It generally takes place on the floor and is carried out using the feet, knees, elbows, thumbs and palms; you can either have a full body massage or have it target a particular troublesome area. This is a great choice if you’re looking to treat back or shoulder pain, a stiff neck or muscle strain. It also helps to improve circulation and your spinal alignment.


Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

If you suffer from chronic or serious muscle pain and tension or you’re seeking recovery from an injury, this is the therapy for you on a luxury spa break. The massage therapist will use deep pressure directly on the area of concern with their fingertips, hands, elbows or forearms, which can often feel uncomfortable. This therapy targets the deep layers of muscle and seeks to break down the tissue which is causing the pain or inflammation, helping you to recover.



Aromatherapy involves a classic massage technique with long strokes and kneading, but with essential oils, which derive from plant material. These oils are then absorbed through the skin and release a lovely perfume which you'll breathe in. Different oils will be used depending upon your personal needs; you may need calming, energising, cleansing or decongesting, all of which require a different combination of oils. This is a fantastic therapy for stress relief and deep relaxation.


Ayurvedic Massage

Gain the healing powers of Ayurveda with this therapy, which aims to maintain the health of the mind and spirit. Each massage is personalised to your individual needs, with particular oils, movements and techniques. Your therapist will focus on your pressure points, similar to those used in acupressure. This type of massage is great for detoxifying and cleansing your body and mind, strengthening your immune system and improving your overall well-being whilst on an Ayurveda spa holiday.


Indian Head Massage

Based on Ayurvedic healing, an Indian head massage provides relaxation and revitalisation. Stress often builds up in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders, so this therapy aims to release this tension. During a treatment, you’ll sit in a massage chair and the therapist will apply pressure and movements to the neck, shoulder and scalp, as well as occasionally to the face. This is great for providing stress relief and treatment for headaches and insomnia.


Lomi Lomi Massage

This Hawaiian massage involves long rhythmic strokes that vary in pressure and speed, carried out by the forearms, hands and sometimes elbows of the therapist. Oil is used to nourish the body, enhancing the fluidity of the massage strokes. This therapy is highly beneficial to the vital systems of the body, including digestive, muscular and immune, and encourages a feeling of inner peace and happiness by the end of the treatment.


Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage aims to enhance energy flow around the body with continuous rhythmic sequences of pressure applied by the fingers, thumbs and palms. No oil is used in this therapy so you can stay fully clothed. This massage is excellent at relieving pain, eliminating stress and improving your circulation on a de-stress spa holiday, and it also encourages your body’s natural healing process. You’ll end your session feeling both physically and mentally renewed.


Watsu Massage

A unique type of massage, Watsu takes place in warm water and combines dance, stretching, joint mobilisation and elements of massage and shiatsu. The therapist continuously supports you, whilst you float and are stretched, cradled and rocked. This combination of warm water and massage therapy creates deep relaxation and can have healing benefits on the body, as the muscles are freer and can release more tension than on land.


Hot Stone Massage

This type of therapy involves smooth, heated stones of different shapes and sizes, either placed on various muscles or used an as extension of the therapist’s hands to massage the body. Hot stone massages can vary in their style but usually the therapist warms up your body with traditional massage techniques, and then uses the hot stones to aid the massage. The heat is deeply relaxing and allows the therapist to work on muscle tension at the deepest level. This therapy helps to improve circulation, relieve any aches and pains and reduce stress and anxiety and can be found as part of a scheduled wellness programme on a detox holiday.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

If you’re looking for some extra help to reach your weight loss goals, improve your circulation, treat water retention or reduce any aches and pains, a lymphatic drainage massage may be just what you need. It’s a gentle massage which focuses on stimulating the body’s lymphatic system, encouraging the body to eliminate any toxins and waste. A common treatment on a weight loss holiday; you’ll feel light pumping motions as the therapist massages your lymph nodes to encourage drainage, leaving you feeling revitalised.


Four Hand Massage

One of the therapies more easy to understand from its name, a four hand massage is carried out by two therapists who work fluidly from head to toe in harmony to squeeze and stretch all the tension out of your body. In general, they’ll mirror each other, with one therapist taking the lead whilst the other follows. Using long sweeping strokes, deep kneading and assisted stretching, they’ll leave you feeling completely relaxed. It’s an experience that targets your mind, body and spirit, and can encourage healing, improve circulation and relieve pain.