Principles of Ayurveda

“A person is considered healthy when his physiology is balanced, his digestion and metabolism are functioning well, his tissues and excretion functions are normal, and his mind and senses are in a constant state of profound happiness,” This practice considers an individual as a unit formed by his mind, body and soul.

Each living being is attached to the universe through five fundamental elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. The proportions in which each of these elements are present in the human body and the degree of the benefits that these elements offer vary from individual to individual depending upon their compositions and other important factors.

These components manifest within each individual in the form of three vital forces called doshas that represent three types of constitutions: vata, pitta and kapha.

Each individual is born with a certain proportion of the three doshas that work together on the mind and body. These doshas are not static and vary throughout the life of an individual changing according to their age, environment, physical activities or external factors such as climate, food or pollution.

Thus, health is dependent on the balance between the doshas. To protect them or to find them, the Ayurveda possesses a whole arsenal of treatments: preparations from medicinal plants, massage with oil, stimulating cares and detoxifiers. It also advocates practicing yoga and meditation regularly and recommends an adapted diet, preferably vegetarian.



"Swasthasya swasthya samrakshanam
Athurasya vikaraprasamanam"

  •  To Maintain the health of a healthy person
  •  To Cure the health issue of a diseased person
  •  To live gracefully and harmoniously in balance of body, mind and spirit
  •  Ayurvedic System focus on CURING of illness as well as PREVENTION & PROMOTION of health in Healthy individual


Balance and detoxification: curing the Ayurvedic way

It is recommended to detoxify the body once-a-year as the toxins are considered to be the source of imbalance, diseases and fatigue. Certain treatments can help in losing weight or improving the skin quality in addition to the cleansing of the body.

Caution! The treatment must only begin after an extensive consultation with a doctor- reading weight and pulse, inspecting the tongue, skin, morphology, discussing lifestyles, eating habits, digestion, sleeping habits-the specialist needs to build the profile of the patient to start a tailor made treatment.

The cure includes detoxification treatment and other treatments according to individual disorders, taking natural medicines and following a complete dietary routine, complemented with light physical activities.