Ayurveda Treatments

Therapies are a major part of Ayurveda for a holistic treatment of any illness recognized and mentioned in the scriptures. Ayurvedic therapies retain its core value till date and we at green ayurveda have experienced and compassionate therapists to help you heal in an easy way.

Mentioned below are the therapies widely used for rejuvenation and healing depending on the individual requirement. These are the supportive treatments of Panchakarma that is Upakarmas of panchakarma.



Netra Tarpanam - Eye Treatment

Netra means eyes and Tarpanam means nourishment, Nourishment of eyes is called netratarpanam. Among the five sense organs in our body, The eyes are the important sense organ through which we see the beautiful world. Any acute and chronic disorders affecting the eyes can effect the vision. Netratarpanam is also known as akshitarpanam. In which medicated ghee is retained over the eyes for specified duration of time. The ghee strengths and nourishes the eyes also improves the vision. The netratarpan helps in obtaining relief from the symptoms of eye diseases and prevent deterioration of the vision. The positive effect are seen in those persons who work continuously with the computer.


Karnapooranam - Ear Treatment

As the ears are also sense organ among the five sense organs in human body. Oiling for the ear ailments, filling of medicated oil in mild warm state inside the ears is called Karnapooranam.

This is the safe and special treatment for ear disorders.


Abhyangam - Oil Massage

Ayurvedic oil massage performed, Marma points are focused in this type of treatment while giving the oil massage. The therapist identify the point and stroke it circulatory channels accordingly .It has tremendous benefits to the mind and body.

Improves sleep pattern, enhance color and complexion of the skin, retards ageing process and fatigue are addressed through this procedure.


Kizhi or Patra Pottali Panda Sweda - Herbal bolus Treatment

Patrapottali is a one type of swedana, Muslin cloth boluses filled with herbal medicines dipped in lukewarm oil is used for massage all over the body under the supervision of a physician .

This treatment addresses accidental injuries, arthritis and joint pain and inflammation, stiffness in the body or joints, Ankylosing spondylitis, Sciatica. Hemiplagia. Also strengthens the joints.


Choorna Kizhi - Herbal Powder Bolus Treatment

The body is subjected to exude profusely after thorough massage with warm boluses of herbal powder tied up in cotton cloth.

This therapy helps in curing arthritis, back pain, paralysis, muscular pain etc.


Pizhichil – Oil Treatment

Pizhchil is one of the rare and special treatment in which healing warm oil flows evenly to the whole body, observing certain rhythm, done by 2-4 trained therapists under the supervision of a physician.

This treatment is highly rejuvenating and a package in itself helpful for body with dominant vatadoshas, muscular aches, lumbar pain, paralysis, arthritis, hypertension, insomnia and depression.


Udvartanam – Powder Massage

It is a treatment famous for its peculiarity, herbal powders are applied on the body by two therapists at a time on the whole body and gentle massage is done. It increases the speed of metabolism to produce more energy. This treatment is highly effective for people suffering from obesity, hypothyroid and increased lipid profile. Also removes visible sign of cellulite and remove toxin from the skin. The complex application of udvartana strengthens and rejuvenates the skin.


Dhanyamla Dhar – External Decoction Treatment

A special herbal decoctions is prepared by adding different herbs and fermented. Poured evenly on the whole body by using a special vessel. This treatment is effective in obesity, swelling in upper and lower extrimities, varicose veins, rhemotid arthritis.


Najvarakizhi – Medicated rice Bolus Treatment

This is a process of perspiration in which the sweat glands are activated for detoxification. Najvarakizhi can be carried out for whole body or selective body parts through application of boluses filled with hot rice puddings cooked in herbal decoction and other medicinal herbs.

This treatment is beneficial for all type of arthritis, osteoporosis, joint problems, hypertension, muscular dystrophy and for the emaciated person


Sirodhara – Deep Relaxing Treatment done on the forehead

Shirodhara is a deeply relaxing treatment, Sirodhara literally means gently pouring medicated oil, ghee, milk or butter milk on fore head for some duration of time.

It helps to restore emotional balance, headache, migraine, insomnia and fatigue, Also helps to improve memory, vision and to stabilize blood pressure and diabetes.


Sirovasthi – Treatment for the head Region

Herbal oil is poured on head in a jar shaped cap to retain the oil for some specific duration.

Insomnia, headache, parkinsons diseases and several other diseases of the head is addressed through this treatment. Also prevention of psychosomatic disorders.


Thalam or Shirolepam – Treatment for the Head and Hairs

This therapy is done by mixing herbal powder mixed with medicated oil applied on head for 30-40 minutes.

This is beneficial for migraine, insomnia, stress and other disease related to ENT and Hairs


Lepnam or Upanaha – Applicatin of warm paste

Medicated herbal warm paste is applied on the body or joints. After massage by therapist it is left as it is, dried layer is washed with herbal decoction.

It is helpful in curing skin inflammation, arthritis, gout, meniscal tear in knees.



Tarpanam means retaining oil for some duration for nourishment or saturation of specific part of the body or joints is called Tarpanam or Basti. In this treatment a black gram lentil dough is molded around the specific part of the body for specific duration to get rid of symptoms like pain, inflammation and stiffness. Also any accidental injuries. This treatment are done under the supervision of Ayurvedic Doctor.

There are different kinds of tarpan are mentioned in Ayurvedic therapies for different parts of the body

  1. 1. GrivaTarpan:  For cervical region
  2. 2. Kati Tarpan:  For sacral region and lumbar region
  3. 3. JanuTarpan:  For knee joints
  4. 4. Hrid tarpanam or UroBasti:  For chest region


Yoni prakshalam – Treatment for Females

Cleansing of vagina is a process recommended periodically. In this treatment, herbal oils and decoctions are administered through the vaginal root for complete cleansing.

This treatment is effective for gynecological disorders and vaginal disorders. Advised after consultation with Physician only.


Padabhayanga – Foot Reflexology

Padabhayanga is an important therapy for the foot. The foot massage done by focusing on the energy points present in the foot, It is effective in improving and maintaining good sight, improves blood circulation all over the body, stimulate the function of all the system in the body, removes contraction of muscles, ligaments and vessels of the feet and helps in easy locomotion and successful accomplishment of all our day to day activities.


Mukalepam – Ayurvedic Face Mask

The mask on the face by using herbal products according to skin of the individual is known as Mukahlepam. This lepam cleanses and nourishes the facial skin after eliminating toxins from the facial skin. Increases the glow of face by increasing the blood circulation of facial muscles, tightens the skin of the neck and face and smoothens the wrinkles.



This method involves inhaling and exhaling of medicinal smoke. It is a fine treatment for various sinus and respiratory diseases. Acute sinusitis, asthma, sneezing, infections of the lower respiratory tract, cough etc are treated using Dhoomapanam.