About Panchkarma

Panchakarma is a combination of two words; “panch” means “five” and ‘karma’ means “actions”, so a combination of five actions is known as panchakarma also called as Detoxification therapy according to Ayurveda. It is done by Ayurvedic therapists since ancient times for a number of illness as well as rejuvenation purposes, under the supervision of Ayurveda doctors.

Ayurveda describes panchakarma as the base of all treatments as it focuses on balancing the biological body. Once done, the mind and body gets synchronized and hence function in the best way possible. Doshas(imbalance) in the body are of three types as per Ayurveda named as vata, kapha and pitta, all begins in the digestive tract. Panchakarma therapy is done according to dominant doshas and work on creating a balance amongst tridoshas.



The process of panchakarma is conducted in three steps, every step has unique set of therapies and prescribed session’s takes place as per the body type and the predominant doshas in the body.

Green Ayurveda Wellness has a team of doctors and therapists  who specializes in their field extensively and are dedicated towards the wellbeing of guest who need help for any issue to be treated with panchakarma. After consultation with doctor, treatment and therapies are prescribed and carried out.  Steps taken are Poorvakarma, pradhankarma and paschatkarma.